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Czwartek, 24 czerwca 2010

BIESZCZADY - Green Belt Europe

BIESZCZADY - Green Belt Europe

Ladies and Gentlemen,

perhaps you are residents of large urban agglomerations, a highly urbanized industrial regions, live in constant stress or rushing ahead, stand in traffic jams for hours inhaling the fumes - fueling his own frustration. Your work like a vampire sucking the remnant forces of you and come back after many hours and finally a well deserved "rest" or to a crowded apartment blocks, the windows of which can still hear noise and noise - "breath" of the big city. Is this all your life look like? Do not think about it ever to be somewhere far away from their own enclave, which will allow you to relax, regenerate? Would not you like to feel the call of freedom, zapuszczając the wilderness and enjoy the crisp mountain air? Suggest a trip to the Bieszczady Mountains, so much has been written about them .. still wild places, majestic with fantastic flora and fauna, conceal many a mystery, glittering domes and Orthodox churches , intriguing exotic, Eastern names of places or sites. It is here that many found his second home and sanctuary to which he returns occasionally to relieve hardships of life in the modern world, the pressure away and to further toughen the struggle of everyday existence.

The Bieszczady are very many beautiful and interesting places, where there is the possibility of buying property in the form of land or houses. Particularly attractive are those that are directly adjacent to the Solina Reservoir, but their number is already much reduced, the edges of the lake and located near the plots have already been largely developed. In many places houses have been built or recreational complexes, along the shoreline created numerous marinas for sailing. A number of spas, which are treated with different diseases. Every year there comes more and more visitors and patients from the Polish and European. Many of them falls in love with this charming corner of our country and the fruit of this is to purchase various types of real estate.

Would like to draw your attention to the inconspicuous village called Werlas, we can get there by following the well-known resort - Polanczyk - road towards the Black, the way we pass by, inter alia, Wołkowyja, Bukowiec and turn the town Sakowczyk lewo.Bardzo good quality paved road (refurbished with EU funds) will take us a few kilometers to the village Werlas and then spit, which is already a kind of town consisting of a number of houses to the parcels. The immediate surroundings are San Valley Landscape Park, Cisna - Wetlinski Landscape Park, Hulskie Reservation, Reservation Sine Wiry, Bieszczady National Park. Do not hesitate to say that finding a plot or a house in this desirable location bordering on the miraculous, and as they say in real estate count three things: location, location and location again.


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